Zoning Approval Required

Please keep in mind that a zoning certificate is required for the following residential projects:

New Single Family Homes
Room Additions
Detached Garages
Sheds/Accessory Use Structures
Fences (new and replacement of existing fencing)
Retaining Walls
Front Porches
PODs (Movable Storage Units)
In-Home Occupations

A zoning certificate ensures that the project is compliant with the current zoning resolution. For most residential projects, with the exception of fences and sheds under 200 sq. ft. in area, the zoning certificate is the first step in the process and a building permit through Hamilton County Building Department will also be required.

Zoning certificate applications, submittal requirements and fee information are available on our website at https://www.sycamoretownship.org/departments/planning-and-zoning/permitting-inspections/.  Many residential projects have no review fees associated with them, and those that do have minimal fees, provided residents apply prior to beginning any work.  If you have any questions or are unsure if a permit is necessary, please call the Planning and Zoning office at 513-792-7250 before starting your project.


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