Sycamore Township Maintenance Facility Construction

Sycamore Township is pleased to announce the commencement of construction for the Sycamore Township Maintenance Facility, located behind the Township Administration Building, at 8540 Kenwood Road. This work is scheduled to be completed in 300 days. Driveway access to the recycling bin area will be maintained during construction of the improvements. Accordingly, we wish to advise that all other areas within the construction site will be secured and closed to the public during this time frame.

As with any type of construction, there will be some inconveniences in connection with this project. We regret any inconveniences that this work might cause you.  All parties involved in this project will take all reasonable efforts to limit these inconveniences during the construction of the improvements.

Sycamore Township has assigned an inspector to this project to oversee all aspects of construction and to assist our residents.  If you have any questions or concerns, please notify Mr. Tracy Kellums, Sycamore Township Road Superintendent at (513)792-7257.

We truly appreciate your cooperation and assistance during the construction of these improvements!


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