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Electric Aggregation Update:

Dynegy Energy Services is the aggregated electric supplier for Sycamore Township. A requirement of the program is that all residents (and some small businesses) have an opportunity to OPT OUT and not participate in the program. Notification is required every 24 months or every time the program changes terms. In this case, the program is now entering its third year and notices are required.

Dynegy Energy will be sending out letters in the next two weeks about the program along with instructions on how to opt out.

The rate for December 2017 thru December 2020 is locked at 5.49¢ per kWh, which is down from the current rate of 5.99¢ per kWh.  The Township and Dynegy recently executed an amendment to the master agreement. The 5.49¢ per kWh rate will extend another six months, and a rate of 5.19¢ per kWh will begin with the June 2021 meter read date and run through December 2022.

If you are in the program and want to remain in the program or are with Duke Energy and want to get into the program, then there is nothing you need to do. You will be automatically enrolled.

If you are with another supplier you will not be included and will not receive any notification. If that is the case and you wish to join the program please contact Dynegy at 888-682-2170. Please note you current provider may charge a termination fee.

How do you know if you are in the program now? Look at your most recent bill under “Generation Charge” It should say Dynegy Energy Services.

Something else to take note of – Sycamore Township, Duke Energy, and Dynegy will NEVER solicit you about switching providers. If anyone comes to your door or calls you saying they are with Sycamore Township, Duke Energy or Dynegy and need your account number to switch you into the program IT IS A SCAM. Please pass this information on to friends and family.

If you have any questions about the aggregation program, please contact the Township at (513)791-8447.

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