Duke Energy Central Corridor Pipeline

Construction of the Duke Energy Central Corridor Pipeline is set to begin in March, 2021. Sycamore Township Superintendent/Assistant Administrator Tracy Kellums recently attended a pre-construction meeting with the Duke Energy Central Corridor Pipeline Project Team. Pipeline construction in Sycamore Township will be in the area of Kemper Road and Conrey Road. Duke Energy has assured the Township that they are committed to keeping the public informed about the progress of this project. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Duke Energy at 513-287-2130 or CentCorridorPipeline@duke-energy.com.

For more information:  Duke Energy Central Corridor Pipeline.

Central Corridor Pipeline Construction Update 02/26/2021


Letter to Sycamore Township Residents Near Pipeline Construction Area


02/05/2021 Sycamore Township Postcard
Sycamore Township