Brush & Leaf Collection

“Storm Damage Condition” – applies only when officially declared by Maintenance Superintendent

Storm damage collection is a service Sycamore Township has provided for its residents for many years through the Maintenance Department. Sycamore Township Maintenance Superintendent, Tracy Kellums, must officially declare whether a “storm damage condition” has occurred. When “storm damage condition” has been declared, residents must call 791-8447 within two (2) working days after the storm to have the branches picked up at no charge or fill out our Action-Line form. The storm damage should be placed at the curb within two (2) weeks of the storm. Please check the home page for ALERTS on storm damage announcements.

When you call, tell the office staff that you have storm damage, give them your name, address and phone number. It is not the policy of Sycamore Township to cover the whole Township street by street after the storm, but rather collecting only the addresses reported to the office. The Maintenance Department will only pick up limbs and branches from the recent storm. Leaves, which are picked up during our annual fall “leaf season” will not be collected. Foundation plantings, old firewood, and tree and brush pruning will not be collected as storm damage. They can be disposed of through your trash collection or at our monthly brush chipping program held behind the Sycamore Township Administration Building, 8540 Kenwood Road, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on the first Saturday of each month.

Curbside Brush Pick-up

brush chipping the correct way

This photo shows proper placement of brush piles at the curb or berm of the roadway.

Yard and tree brush can also be collected by the Maintenance Department crews on an as needed basis for residents for a fee of $50.00. All brush must be placed at the curb with all trimmed ends facing the same direction (towards the street) for quicker handling by the road crew.

***Residents must call 791-8447 to have the brush picked up and a work order started or simply fill out our Action-Line form.

Fees will be billed to the property owner after the brush is cleared.

To pay for this service online please click here:

Curbside Leaf Pick-up

Between mid-October and mid-December, the Maintenance Department picks up leaves along the Township streets (no bagging required during this time). Leaves should be brought to the curb or to the berm of the road if no curb exists. Please make sure leaves are not placed in the ditch line as this will clog the storm sewer system. Please do not mix any other yard waste items in with the leaves (such as grass, twigs, or flowers). Crews service each street weekly, but during heavy volume periods, in the event of a snow/ice emergency, or due to equipment breakdown, it may take longer to complete a Township wide sweep. Residents may call our Maintenance Department at (513) 792-7257 to find out when their street was last serviced.

2021 curbside leaf collection is scheduled to be from October 18th to December 13th

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