Street Light Assessments

street lightA lighting district is a defined area, typically a street, neighborhood or subdivision, where at least 51% of the property owners want to have street lights installed and maintained at the property owners’ expense. The Sycamore Township Board of Trustees has the authority to establish a lighting district on any dedicated state highway, county or township road in Sycamore Township. The Trustees must consider many factors when approving a lighting district and may or may not approve the lighting district depending upon the greater need of the community.

Below is a petition for property owners to sign stating that they want a lighting district established in their area and they are willing to be assessed for the costs. It is important when collecting signatures to obtain the signatures of the actual property owners and not tenants or children who may not be the property owner of record.

When circulating a petition you should also have a description of the area and a map showing all of the streets and intersections within the proposed lighting district. The map may be drawn but must be clear and have clearly defined boundaries. Signatures on the petition must be “legal signatures”, not abbreviations; i.e., Mr. Smith. After obtaining at least 51% of the property owners’ signatures, the petition should be submitted to the Sycamore Township Fiscal Officer at 8540 Kenwood Road.

There are various types of poles with different costs that change periodically. The cost is based upon the total amount of frontage for each property. The total cost is then divided by the total number of linear feet and each property owner pays according to their frontage.

Once the information has been received from Duke, the Board of Trustees will set a public hearing on the proposed lighting district. Advance notice will be given to each resident approximately 30 days prior to the hearing. At the public hearing, the Fiscal Officer will advise all those present of their cost and show the map on which all lights are shown and advise them on what type and size of lights will be installed. Unless there is an objection, the Trustees may adopt a resolution to contract on behalf of the property owners with Duke Energy for a period of up to ten years to install the lighting district. This contract will continue to renew every five to ten years unless the property owners petition not to renew. The entire process from accepting the petition through the public hearing to contracting to installation takes approximately five to six months.

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