Sycamore Road Improvement Project Update

If you have driven through the Plainfield and Sycamore Roads intersection lately, Iā€™m sure you have noticed there is already a big difference in the area. On Monday, September 16th the west half of the roundabout was opened to traffic and construction on the east half began. In order for this part of the roundabout to be built, the Sycamore Road leg into the intersection had to be shut down, therefore, there is no accessibility to Plainfield Road from Sycamore Road. The Sycamore Road entrance to Bechtold Park has also been closed so all access to the park must be off Plainfield Road.

Construction of the roundabout is scheduled for completion around the end of November. There may be some utility or water main work during the winter months on Sycamore Road, but the road work will not start back up until the spring.

Since the roundabout will be completed this year, and due to the fact that roundabouts are new to a lot of people, we have provided links below to a video and several flyers provided by Ohio LTAP to give motorists assistance in learning how to drive through a roundabout. We hope this is helpful for everyone.

Thank You.

Tracy Kellums
Superintendent/Assistant Administrator

Multi-Lane Roundabout with Pedestrians


How to Drive Through a Roundabout


Choose Your Lane


Always Yield to Circulating Traffic
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