Recycling 101

Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District has a launched an awareness campaign to help residents improve their recycling habits. The campaign focuses on contamination, or materials residents try to recycle that are not actually recyclable.

Perhaps the most prevalent contaminate are plastic bags. Residents should not bag their recyclables or place loose plastic bags in their recycling cart. Plastic bags get tangled in equipment at the Material Recovery Facility where recyclables are separated and bailed. Plastic bags should be brought back the grocery store, not placed in a recycling cart.

Recycling Coach Plastic Bag Video

In addition, many items that say they are “recyclable” do not belong in your curbside cart. “Recyclable” does not always mean it can be placed in their curbside recycling cart. Some materials must be recycled at special outlets. The recycling center where items from curbside recycling are taken does not have the capability of separating and recycling batteries, plastic bags, tires, any plastics not in the shape of a bottle or jug, Styrofoam, electronics, and hazardous waste. Check out our Reuse and Recycling Outlets page to find out how dispose of items not accepted in your curbside bin.

Recycling Coach Bottles & Jugs Video

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