Transient Vendor Permits

In order to solicit door-to-door in Sycamore Township, you must apply for and obtain a Transient Vendor Permit. A completed application, current criminal background check and a $75 fee is required for each individual soliciting. The permit is valid for 90 days. Each person going door-to-door must have the Transient Vendor permit and a valid photo ID while soliciting.

Transient Vendor Application

Current Transient Vendor Permits:

Business Name Individual Name Date Issued Expiration Date Reason
Mexican Food Truck  J. Adrian Landeros Diaz 03-01-2018 06-01-2018 Food Truck
Keller Williams Amber Allred 03-06-2018 06-06-2018 Real Estate
Keller Williams Jennifer Murtland 03-06-2018 06-06-2018 Real Estate
IGS Energy Michael Cain 04-10-2018 07-10-2018 Energy & Home Protection

If you see someone soliciting in your neighborhood without a permit, please call the non-emergency dispatch number for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department at (513) 825-2280.