General Information



I am new to Sycamore Township. How do I find out more about the area?
Call (513) 791-8447 for a New Resident Packet

I have a street light out, whom do I call?
Duke Energy at (513) 651-4182.

Service Line
If a storm has caused tree damage to the service line serving your home, please call Duke Energy at 513-651-4182 or 1-800-543-5599 so they can get a tree crew out to clear the way for line technicians to restore power to your home without delay. Line crews are not equipped to remove significant tree damage.

Meter Boxes or Weather Heads
If the meter box or weather head (part of the fixture that connects the service/supply line to the meter box) to a customer’s home is damaged or pulled away from the building, customers need to contact a licensed electrician for repairs and their local county inspection office for an inspection. Customers should turn off their main breaker until damage is repaired.

Who is responsible for the trees between the sidewalk and the curb?
The Township will remove the tree if it is dead or poses a safety problem. All other reasons for removal are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Who is responsible for the sanitary sewers?
Metropolitan Sewer District at (513) 352-4900

Who maintains the creek behind my house?
Most creeks that flow through the Township are privately owned and are the property owner’s responsibility to keep clean of debris.

To whom should I report potholes in the road?
If you live on a Hamilton County Road (Kenwood Road, Galbraith Road, Blue Ash Road, Grooms Road, Kemper Road, Fields Ertel Road, Sycamore Road, Euclid Road, Ken Arbre Road, portions of Kugler Mill Road, west side of Hosbrook) call the Hamilton County Engineers Department at (513) 946-4250. If you have a question about a State Road (Montgomery Road, I-71 Reading Road and Ronald Reagan Highway/State Route 126) call the Ohio Department of Transportation at (513) 821-1409. If you live on a Township Road, call the Township Maintenance Department at (513) 792-7257 or complete a citizens request.

What do I do with old paint, motor oil, gasoline and chemicals?
Call Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District for information at (513) 946-7766.

How do I dispose of used batteries?
Call Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District for information at (513) 946-7766 or click here.

What are my options for trash removal?
Call Rumpke at (513) 742-2900 or Republic (513) 771-4200 or 1-800-543-1339 to see if they service your particular street.

Are there senior services available in the Township?
Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio

Senior Guidance

Where do I vote for elections?
Call the Hamilton County Board of Elections at (513) 632-7000.

Who are my congressmen and representatives? In what district am I?
Call the Hamilton County Board of Elections at (513) 632-7000.

Whom should I call if I would like to plan a Block Party on my neighborhood street?
Call Sycamore Township at (513) 791-8447 for a Block Party Permit form or click here print one from your computer.

Do solicitors need to register at the Sycamore Township Administration Building?
Yes, anyone going door to door soliciting business or selling items, must register with the Township and go through a police check to receive a permit. The charge for a 90-day permit is $75.00.

What are your hours of operation?
8:00AM – 4:30PM Monday through Friday (closed holidays)

Where are you located?
8540 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

How do I get to 8540 Kenwood Road?
From I-71 exit Montgomery Road, turn west onto Montgomery Road, travel approximately 3 traffic lights to Kenwood Road intersection, turn right onto Kenwood Road, travel approximately 3 intersections, the Township Administration Building is on the right. (It is the first of three similar buildings)

How do I get in touch with one of the Trustees?
Denny Connor – (513) 791-8447
Thomas J. Weidman – (513) 791-8447
Jim LaBarbara – (513) 791-8447

When are the scheduled Township meetings?

  • Board of Trustees meetings are the first and third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM.
  • Zoning Commission meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.
  • Board of Zoning Appeals meets the third Monday of the month at 6:30 PM.
  • The Parks Committee meets the second Monday of the month at 7:15 PM at The Township Administration Building.

I had an accident in Sycamore Township, how do I get a copy of the report?
Call the Bureau of Records at (513) 946-6220

I just got a job that requires my fingerprints, where can I go to get fingerprinted?
Fingerprinting is done at the Hamilton County Justice Center, 1000 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, OH and at the Clerk of Courts Auto title Divisionat 12139 Royal Pointe Drive in Symmes Township. Please call (513) 946-6220 for more information.

Will the police watch my home when I go away on vacation?
Yes, call The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and ask for the necessary paperwork for a Vacation Watch. They can be reached by calling (513) 825-1500.

What is a non-emergency number for the police?
The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department NON-emergency number is (513) 825-1500 or (513) 825-2280.

Are there any rules on feeding the deer in Township?
For more information on this, please contact the Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE.

What are my rights as a renter or tenant?
For more information, please contact the Legal Aid Society at (513) 241-9400.

Whom should I call about habitually barking dogs?
Call the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department at (513) 825-2280. Resolution 1991-45

Do we have a pooper scooper or leash law?
Yes, both are enforced by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department at (513) 825-2280.
Resolution 1993-26 Resolution 2013-112

Does the Township have a noise ordinance?
Yes. The noise ordinance is enforced by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department at (513) 825-2280
Resolution 1994-16

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