Kennedy Lane Sidewalk Project

The sidewalk improvements on Kennedy Lane between Montgomery Road and Shadetree Drive began with tree removal on June 10, 2019. Construction will commenced on June 17, 2019. The estimated completion date for the project is July 31, 2019. The contractor for the project is Fred A. Nemann Company.

The following is a summary of the project:

Construct a 5-ft wide concrete sidewalk on the north side of Kennedy Lane from Montgomery Road to Shadetree Drive within the existing right-of-way

Install a crosswalk and two ADA accessible curb ramps at Shadetree Drive connecting the new sidewalk to the existing sidewalk on the east side of Shadetree Drive

Remove and replace driveway aprons to accommodate the sidewalk installation

You may assist in making the construction of the improvements a safe undertaking and in completing the work as quickly as possible by remembering the following:

All construction sites can be dangerous. To avoid accidents, please keep children and pets away from all construction activities and construction equipment.

If the work involves the blockage of your driveway, the Contractor or the City of Montgomery Inspector will notify you in advance, of the time period that the blockage will occur. If you desire to use your car during this time period, you will be required to park your vehicle(s) in the designated area(s). 

Please obey all construction notifications and the posted traffic signs. They have been placed for the safety and protection of the public and the workers.

The City of Montgomery has assigned an inspector to this project to oversee all aspects of construction and to assist the property owners. If at any time you feel that the contractors have not given proper attention to your property, or if you have any questions please notify Mr. Nick Miller, City of Montgomery Inspector, at (513)792-8355.

The project is jointly funded by Sycamore Township and the City of Montgomery to the benefit of both Township and City residents and businesses.

If you have any questions, or for more information about this project, please contact:

City of Montgomery – Gary Heitkamp, Public Works Director (513) 792-8321

Sycamore Township – Tracy Kellums, Maintenance Superintendent (513) 792-7257

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