Zoning Resolution

The Sycamore Township Zoning Resolution was adopted pursuant to the authority granted to the Township by Chapter 519 of the Ohio Revised Code for the following purposes (without indicating order or priority):

  • To promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the Township
  • To help secure safety from fire, flood, panic or other dangers
  • To enable the Township to implement adopted objectives and policies related to land use
  • To facilitate implementation of Township land use plans duly adopted by the Sycamore Township Zoning Commission
  • To facilitate revitalization and redevelopment of blighted areas by zoning for more appropriate uses
  • To encourage compatibility between different proposed land uses in the Township and to protect the character of existing residential, office, commercial and industrial development areas of the Township from the encroachment of incompatible uses
  • To conserve and protect property and property values
  • To secure the most appropriate use of land and
  • To facilitate adequate but economical provision of public improvements

For a complete review of the Sycamore Township Zoning Resolution, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 513.792.7250.

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