Harry L. Holbert, Jr.

Harry L. Holbert Jr. – Planning and Zoning Administrator
(513) 792-7252

In his role as Planning and Zoning Administrator, Mr. Holbert is responsible for the following duties and initiatives:

  • Manages day to day operations of Planning & Zoning Department
  • Supervises and directs property maintenance inspectors, planning and zoning assistant and fire inspector; while prioritizing and assigning tasks and implementing training of department personnel
  • Oversees the interpretation, execution and re-write of current Zoning Resolution, Land Use Maps, Property Maintenance Code, and code software development
  • Provides sound planning principles and zoning analysis for zoning compliance approval and/or denials of zoning certificates and provides guidance to applicants when appeals are required
  • Liaison to Citizen Groups, Township’s Board of Zoning Appeals, Property Maintenance Board, Zoning Commission, Board of Township Trustees and County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Provides continuous support to Board of Trustees, Township Administrator and assists with daily Township operations including support of Fire, Maintenance and Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Works with all stakeholders for effective use and development of property within the Township
  • Initiated Neighborhood revitalization programs such as Reading Road Corridor, neighborhood watch communities and lighting districts
  • Conducts building and property maintenance inspections and works with property owners, tenants, banks, contractors and real estate agents to improve conditions of properties in violation
  • Serves as project Liaison between applicant(s), citizen groups, county and state agencies

Kevin Clark – Planning & Zoning Inspector
(513) 792-7249

In his role as Planning and Zoning Inspector, Mr. Clark is responsible for the following duties:

  • Investigates, determines and prepares property maintenance notices
  • Issues zoning certificates, reports and conduct field inspections
  • Responds and Assists the public in zoning and property maintenance related items
  • Insures maintenance and updating of zoning certificate and property maintenance files
  • Liaison to Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Regularly attends Neighborhood Watch Community meetings


 Doug Morath

Doug Morath – Fire Safety Inspector
(513) 792-7246


 Jessica Daves – Planning & Zoning Assistant
(513) 792-7245


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