Roads and Signage

Road SignsThe Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining street signage in the Township. Examples of such include, stop signs, speed limit postings, directional signs, and street identifying signs.

Pavement markings are also maintained by the Maintenance Department. These markings include street striping and directional markings. Street striping clarifies the width of lanes and passing or no passing zones. Directional markings identify school zones, crosswalks, stop bars at traffic signals or stop signs, and arrows identifying turn lanes.

County roads maintained by the Hamilton County Engineers Department include: Kenwood Road, Galbraith Road, Blue Ash Road, Grooms Road, Kemper Road, Fields Ertel Road, Sycamore Road, Euclid Road, Ken Arbre Road, Plainfield Road, Snider Road, School Road, Conrey Road, Cornell Road, Miami Avenue, Keller Road, portions of Kugler Mill Road, and the west side of Hosbrook Road.

State roads maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation include:
Montgomery Road, I-71, Reading Road and Ronald Reagan Highway/State Route 126

To view Resolution 2015-112 prohibiting dumping on Township roadways or sidewalks – CLICK HERE


The Garden Road, Silvercrest Drive, Marview Avenue Sidewalk Improvements

The 2018 Reclamite Program – Reclamite is an asphalt rejuvenation process, that helps extend the life of the pavement. It is applied to newer roads to tighten the surface and prevent deterioration from weather. This will be performed on the following streets: Donna Ln, Estermarie Dr, Gwilada Dr, Langhorst Dr, Jeffrey Dr, Guam Dr, Donegal Dr, Highton Ct, Whitechapel Dr, Charteroak Dr, Ivybrook Ct, and Hermitage Ln

The 2018 Onyx Program– Onyx is a Mastic Surface Treatment that is applied to older roads to seal the existing surface course of asphalt to help extend the life of the pavement. The streets included in this project are: Lyncris Dr, Sandymar Dr, Gideon Ln, Ironwood Ct, Millview Dr, and Pinecove Ct.

The 2018 Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program- The Township has another extensive curb replacement program scheduled for this year which will take place in late summer and early fall. This project will include the removal and replacement of the rolled curb at the street. The existing pavement will remain with restoration performed in both front and behind the curb. This project includes the following streets: Spirea Dr, Duneden Dr, Largo Dr, Styrax Dr, Dartmoor Ct, Alhambra Ct, Applewood Dr, Valerie Ct, Winesap Ct and Blossom Dr.

In addition to all these projects the township maintenance crew will be in the neighborhoods as usual working on base repairs to the roads, replacing sidewalks, cracksealing, catch basin and storm sewer repairs along with anything else that needs to be done. As always we ask for your patience and consideration when driving through any of these work zones. Please SLOW DOWN and DRIVE SAFELY so you can help us get through another construction season safely. If you have any questions about these projects or anything else throughout the Township please call Tracy Kellums at 513-792-7257 or e-mail him at


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