JEDZ Locations

To view a map of all JEDZ locations, CLICK HERE.

Kenwood JEDZ Central:

CLICK HERE for a Map of the JEDZ Central District.

4800-5390 E. Galbraith Road (All Addresses)
7200-8200 Kenwood Road (Even Addresses)
7800-7989 Montgomery Road (All Addresses)

Kenwood JEDZ East:

CLICK HERE for a Map of the JEDZ East District.

Any address Northcreek Drive
8200-8337 Montgomery Road (All Addresses)**
8081-8199 Montgomery Road (Odd Addresses)
7990-8090 Montgomery Road (Even Addresses)
7799-7999 Hosbrook Road (Odd Addresses)
8000-8060 Hosbrook Road (All Addresses)
1000-3000 Ronald Reagan Drive
**8523 Montgomery Road is exempt from the JEDZ

Kenwood JEDZ Southwest:

CLICK HERE for a Map of the JEDZ Southwest District.

7223 – 7629 Kenwood Road (Odd Addresses) **
7650 – 7799 Montgomery Road (All Addresses)**
4744 – 4760 Orchard Lane (All Addresses)
** 7275 Kenwood Road and 7754 Montgomery Road are exempt from the JEDZ

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