What are the fiscal officers duties?
The fiscal officer is responsible for all financial transactions and accounting in the Township. The Financial Officer is also responsible for paying debts and obligations of the Township and overseeing all financial operations. Just the same, they are responsible for the preparation and distribution of payroll for all township employees and must prepare reports for the county, state and federal agencies.

Are there earning taxes in Sycamore Township?
If you live in Sycamore Township you are not required to pay any earnings tax.

If you work in Sycamore Township and your place of employment is NOT in one of our Joint Economic Development Zones, there is no earnings tax.

If you work in the Township and your place of employment has an address that falls within the range of one of our four Joint Economic Development Zones (JEDZ), then you ARE required to pay municipal taxes of .75% on net profits or qualifying wages. The taxes are collected by three different government entities for the Township.

Budget Information:

Revenue and Expenses January 2018