Sycamore Township Community Improvement Corporation
for Economic Development - JEDZ

If you are a Township resident and work in one of the Joint Economic Development Zones you may be eligible for a grant in the amount of taxes paid into the Zone.


For Information on addresses included in the JEDZ districts, CLICK HERE.


The JEDZ began income tax collection on October 1, 2013 for those who work within one of the three approved Zones, regardless of where they live.  If you, as a resident of Sycamore Township, work in one of the zones and had local income tax withheld for the JEDZ, you may apply for a grant from the Sycamore Township Community Improvement Corporation. 

Sycamore Township 2015 Tax Year Grant Application and Instructions

You will submit the completed form along with your W2 or other legal tax document that shows the amount of local tax withheld and proof of residence.  The form can be mailed, faxed, or personally submitted to the CIC. 


Mail and Personal Delivery:                         FAX:  513-792-8564

Sycamore Township CIC

8540 Kenwood Road

Cincinnati OH 45236


Electronic submittal is possible via an UNSECURE email to – however, it is NOT RECOMMENDED since there is no encryption on the information.


Proof of residence can be in the form of a utility bill, real estate tax duplicate, copy of drivers license or other document acceptable to the CIC that proves you resided in Sycamore Township for the tax year.  If you did not live in Sycamore Township for the entire tax year, your grant will be prorated to the amount of time you lived in the Township.


After your withholding amount and residency are verified, a grant will be issued to you for the amount of tax withheld, usually within 30 days.  If you provide an email address, a status update on the process can be provided to you.  Grant checks will either be mailed to the address on file or they may be picked up at the Township office depending on your preference.  Direct Deposit is not available.


You are urged to contact your tax professional to see if there are additional tax implications because of the grant.  Grant applications are not subject to Public Records request per Section 1724.11 of the Ohio Revised Code.


Questions about the Grant Program can be directed to